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Decrepitaph / Humiliation, Split 7"

Decrepitaph/Humiliation – Split 7

Here’s a quick slab of raw, bestial death metal for you ADHD afflicted bastards. This split 7” from Texas’ Decrepitaph and Malaysia’s Humiliation only takes up eight and a half minutes, but the feral, murky music it holds is well worth a listen.

“The Carnal Slumber” is Decrepitaph’s offering for this venture. It’s as low-fi as you can just about get with roiling drums and buzzing guitars that seem to fade into the background as the deep, guttural vocals present themselves. It’s a pretty up-tempo track with plenty of head-nodding groove amongst its sludgy tones. About halfway through the group slow things down a bit and let the rigor mortis do its thing with an accompaniment of rumbling bass and and slowly devolving guitars. Don’t fret though, they bring it all back up to a steady march to finish off the song with a fury.

Humiliation wrap up this two sided effort with “Enemy’s Perimeter.” The song may start off with some cheesy explosions and gunfire, but when they get down to business, this group is devastating. After a brief build-up, the tempo is ratcheted up a good deal while chugging guitars and a steady rhythm get the blood flowing. Vocally, the delivery isn’t quite as guttural as the first song and teeters on the raspy side, but it fits the music well enough. There’s a bit more of a thrash influence at play here and a more modern sound, as well.

I think I prefer Decrepitaph’s performance here. It’s just dirtier and more prehistoric than their counterpart. Regardless of which song you like, both hit the spot nicely for a quick hit of barbaric death metal.