September 4, 2012 | , | 3.5

Deadkill, Deadkill

Deadkill: Deadkill EP

Deadkill, featuring current and past members of several Seattle bands (Himsa and Absolute Monarchs to name a couple), deliver their four-song, self-titled debut EP in about nine minutes time. The infectious punk on this short disc combines old school flavor from the likes of Black Flag, Poison Idea and Circle Jerks with a fairly modern presentation. Deadkill isn’t a rehashing of memorable bygones, but instead is a modern take on a sound that many of us cut our teeth on when first getting into underground music.

“Oh God Help You” starts the EP off with a memorable bit of guitar work as the snarling barks arrive. It’s probably the most memorable song on the disc as the guys jump into the next punk anthem, “5150.” Apparently, that little number refers to a California Wellfare code for “involutary psychiatric hold.” The song’s lyrics and delivery certainly live up to the title. “Outta My Head” sees barker Bryan Krieger tearing through the events of the previous evening in this brief, yet raging track. “Rip Off” wraps up the EP with a classic punk vibe in another short-lived rager.

Deadkill is a brief, yet long-lasting introduction to a band that’s looking to set the punk scene afire with their infectious and anthemic tunes. It’s also an EP that I keep finding in constant rotation at the homestead. Short. Sweet. Awesome.