September 21, 2012 | | 3.5

Cultfinder, Black Thrashing Terror

Cultfinder: Black Thrashing Terror

If it weren’t for this EP’s title, Black Thrashing Terror, I’d have expected some serious doom riffage on this debut from these UK heathens. Cultfinder have packed into these three songs some vicious and rabid blackened thrash that’s addictive and raw as hell. Having your cover drawn by underground artist Mike Riddick certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Ten minutes of unrelenting and caustic thrash tinged with a blackened edge and punk vitriol bombards you with little to no regard for your own well being. The title track starts things off with a bit of a doomy tease before unleashing all sorts of malevolence in the form of pile driving drums, nasty blackened riffs and vocals that are spit with plenty of hatred. The song is rough and a bit messy at times but that’s also what makes it so reinvigorating and infectious.

“Archangel Burial” is full of bestial mayhem as a punk-tinged chord opens up the song before the guys let loose with volley after volley of barbaric drums and driving guitars. It’s one hell of a violent song. EP closer, “Witching Curse” may be the most frenetic of the three songs and after hearing the preceding duo that’s hard to believe. That said, it’s exuberance is tempered with a few nicely timed pauses in the urgency.

Man, for just a three song EP, Black Thrashing Terror certainly leaves behind a fairly lasting impression. Mixing influences from all over the place, Cultfinder have themselves one hell of a debut that’s crammed to the brim with blackened, punk-infused thrash metal that will sure to have your sullen mug split in a maniacal grin in no time.