September 17, 2014 | , | 4.5

Cripple Bastards, Nero In Metastasi

Cripple Bastards: Nero In Metastasi

One would think that after nearly three decades of pummeling ear drums and spitting in the face of convention that, perhaps, it’s time to mellow a bit. Take time to enjoy the finer things in life, relax and spend time with the family. Try telling that to Italy’s Cripple Bastards — they’ll probably punch you in the neck before shoving their latest full-length violently into some other, more uncomfortable orifice.

Nero In Metastasi see the band at the top of their game, slinging their trademark blend of Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror as if they were still spry, young bastards. Upon completing the one minute build-up of opening track, “Malato Terminale,” the listener is greeted with ferocious dual vocals, blasting drums and flesh searing riffs — all delivered as violently and as furiously as possible. It’s a pedal-to-the-metal ride atop a Hellfire missile from here on out.

“Fumo Passivo” and “Regime Artificiale” sandblast with the best grind tracks of all time while the grooves of “Strage Di Ostacoli” and “Lapide Rimossa” get the album flowing like a freshly opened jugular. The group does well not to just blast away mindlessly for the entire duration. Sure, eash track is pretty damn aggressive, but Cripple Bastards are smart enough to know when to throw in a curveball or two to keep you entertained and fully engaged. Take, for example, “Passi Falsi” and it’s noise influence and slow moments of spoken vocals. The track is absolutely fucking bonkers as it jumps and lurches all over the place &151; ultimately making it 46 seconds of some of my favorite material on the album.

If these guys have proven one thing on this latest slam of grinding mayhem, it’s that they certainly haven’t lost a beat through the years. If anything, the band has gotten that much tighter in their performance — more dynamic, more varied, more adventurous and just as energetic as ever. Check out the pummeling drums of “Anima in Disgregazione,” the guttural destruction of “Senza Impronte” or the nine minute long monster that is “Splendore E Tenebra” for signs of the band bravely branching out.

Nero In Metastasi is by far one of the best grind albums of 2014. The eighteen tracks here see Cripple Bastards just as destructive as ever, as well as just as audacious as they have ever been.