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Copremesis, Muay Thai Ladyboys

Sweet mother of all things holy. By all means, whatever you do… don’t open the album packaging or even look at the disc as you put it meekly into your disc player. I mean, I kind of figured that based on the title of the album that we’d be in for a surprise, but damn man…

If you’re one of the lucky few to get past the album artwork, then congrats. You’ve just found yourself in the midst of an aural skull fucking like no other. Hell, the band’s name alone should give you some hint as to what you’re in for when you hit that play button. Look it up. I dare you.

At any rate, guttural, vomitous growls dominate each track with guest appearances from Danny Nelson (MALIGNANCY), William Smith (BUCKSHOT FACELIFT, ex-BIOLICH), Erik Undzuis (GORGED AFTERBIRTH, SEVEN GATES) and Daniel Olivencia (ex-BIOLICH). Thundering blasts from the rhythm section are equally matched by ferociously aggressive riffs and spastic time changes. This is one violent ride through some brutal, grinding death metal.

Muay Thai Ladyboys
The opening track is nearly as disturbing as the imagery used in the album packaging. Crushing riffs and violent outbursts of manic drumming are punctuated by this high pitched, shrill vocal delivery that has got to have been altered in production. No one can scream like that.

Bestial Castration
This one features completely indecipherable, guttural growls and gurgles accompanied by bruising rhythms and thick guitars. There’s a breakdown around the one minute mark that’s especially aggressive. The track ends after a couple of minutes of sheer, guttural destruction.

Creative drum work and evil guitars start off “Push” as tempo change upon tempo change line up to run a train on your ears. This one is all over the place. I love it!

“Zombies” takes a different darker road initially with slow, doomy riffs before maniacally attacking you with blasts from the drums and driving guitars. Layered vocals only add to the overwhelming sound on this one. Surprisingly, there’s actually a nice groove lurking in the background on a few moments of the song. The slow down at teh 1:49 point is sick as hell.

In Silence…Revel In Madness
Thick tones and a sludgy feel get this one going along with creative drum work. Gurgling vocals and spastic blasts from the rhythm section are the key to this violent track. There’s all sorts of vocal nastiness throughout that will certainly keep you entertained.

“Mad” starts off slowly with some slick guitar work as a series of gnarly screams and growls are layered to great effect. This is one pummeling track. Chugging guitars give this a nice groove even through the various tempo changes.

Copremesis waste no time getting into “Mustache.” After a few moments of creative guitar and drum work, the group descends into guttural chaos with beefy growls and crushing rhythms. The staggered blasts at the :35 mark are a nice touch.

A Poem
Crushing riffs smother you instantly at the start of this next track. Multiple vocal deliveries combine for a swirling, chaotic growling attack as thick rhythms and crushing guitars build upon one another. This is one thick slab of grinding brutality.

I Am Envy
The crushing pace continues with “I Am Envy.” Catchy rhythms will have you head banging to sludgy tones in no time. More layered growls and gurgles only add to the methodical and bludgeoning aural attack. There’s a discordant lead at the 2:39 mark. This is one hell of a way to end out a strong, aggressive album.

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Leaving a lasting impression is what most band’s strive for. Copremesis have certainly cemented some horrible visions in my head with Muay Thai Ladyboys — both visually and audibly. Like a sledge hammer to the side of the head, the grinding, brutal death metal contained within the album’s nine tracks will leave a mark on you.

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