June 30, 2014 | , | 4

Coke Bust, Confined

Coke Bust: Confined

I’ve heard my share of angry, pissed-off hardcore in my time, but, goddam, Washington D.C.’s Coke Bust put a large majority of them to shame. The band’s latest helping of enraged vitriol, Confined pulls no punches and lets loose with volley after volley of vehemence at a rate of speed that teeters on absolute recklessness.

Let’s forget for a moment here that the band is straight edge — from what I can discern in the scathing barks of frontman nicktape, there’s little preaching to be found. Let’s, instead, focus on the delivery, the absolute fucking aggression that explodes from the speakers for a moment. Right from the first, sharp shrill of reverb in album opener “Iron Spiral” there’s very little you can do to prepare yourself for the pummeling onslaught that follows.

Rabid drum work, driving punk riffage, spit, blood and probably even a brick or two fly through the air with malicious intent. With only a third of the songs barely scratching past the one-minute mark which, of course, is ideal for the ADD affected metalheads out there. Teetering on grind, the fastcore these guys are belting out isn’t just a blind, pedal-to-the-metal assault — there’s thought and structure amongst the animosity to help keep things churning along at breakneck speed.

There’s really no reason to try and isolate any one song here as the best, each of the nine songs continue the perpetuate the sound started by the first. Confined hits hard and quickly, leaving you sitting there blinking, staring bewildered like what the fuck just happened.