July 7, 2014 | , , | 3.75

Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul, Splatterhash Split

Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul: Splatterhash Split

Hot on the trails of another Tankcrimes split EP, we’ve got this four track helping of West Coast meets East Coast death/thrash/hardcore mayhem. Featuring Richmond’s Cannabis Corpse and Oakland’s Ghoul, Splatterhash is more than appropriately named as this release sees the weed-infused death metal of one band standing defiantly alongside the horror thrash of the other. It’s really a tale of love — sweet, festering, bong toking, corpse hugging love.

In true Cannabis Corpse fashion, the band starts off their pair of songs with “The Inhalation Plague,” a play on words of Cannibal Corpse’s own “Evisceration Plague.” The track is a solid helping of weed-fueled death metal, churning guitars, guttural growls and solid drum work. It’s their second offering, “Shatter Their Bong,” however, where this Virginia natives really shine through the resin-caked glass. The song is a beast as chunky bass lines rumble and pile-driving drums consume all around them. It’s burly riffs dominate as the thick groove permeates the smoky air.

Ghoul waste little time launching into their horror-infused, surf thrash. The galloping “Inner Sanctum” is a solid track and sees the guys belting out vicious vocal work, driving rhythms and none of the goofiness that sometimes comes with the band’s work. This is a rusty, straight to the throat. “Spill Your Guts” is the better of the group’s pair of songs. It’s a good deal more aggressive, rollicking and vicious, leaving you only drooling maniacally for more.

Splatterhash is short, brutal and everything you could want from any sort of combination of Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul. Plus, the album art completely kicks ass.