October 16, 2008 | | 3.5

By Any Means Necessary, s/t

Hailing from Austin, TX, By Any Means Necessary’s self -titled debut packs a good deal into three quick tracks. Combing elements of thrash, death metal and metalcore, the group tears from pummeling rhythms to throat slitting leads with the precision of a weathered metal war machine. What impresses most on this short EP is the musicianship. Sure, the concept is nothing new, but these guys come across like they’ve been around for a while with tight tempos and well structured songs. A stellar production certainly doesn’t hurt either.

The group build their sound upon a solid base of rumbling rhythms provided by bassist Stephen Fernandes and drummer Jake Jarmon. Guitarist Kevy Rojas kills it on this EP — at one moment chugging along with classic, old school riffing and then shifting quickly into some impressive solo work. Rounding out the group is Adam Wright on vocals. His mid range, raspy delivery fits the music well, but I’d like to hear a little more variation in his growls.

The Discord of War
The opening track starts out with a sound clip, trashing riffs and a pile driving drum beat. The vocals come in around the 40 second mark as the band erupts into a driving pace with a big scream and flurry of activity. The first of a series of leads comes in just after the one minute mark.

“Charlatan” continues the thrashing with chugging riffs and a steady beat as it builds to a solid march of death. This one has a bit more off kilter timing thrown in which helps it go beyond just a simple thrash track. There’s actually a good deal going on in this song, with layered guitar noise and fills, creative rhythms and a little variety in the vocals.

Erase The Plague
This is probably my favorite track on the EP. It’s got a more urgent and aggressive sound to it that really stands out, especially in the vocal delivery. The track starts off with a pummeling set of drum work and driving riffs. There’s a great groove that comes in just after the one minute mark as the band slows it down a bit. Don’t miss out on the slick lead just before the start of the second minute.

~ ~ ~

Overall, I’d say this was a strong introduction to a young band that shows a great deal of promise. They have a strong sense of timing as a group and a solid mastery of their instruments to deliver pummeling thrash that’s got an aggressive, yet polished edge. Definitely check them out.

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