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Album Cover

Artist: Buzzov-en
Album: Sore
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 1994
Total Tracks: 12
Rating: 3/5

I remember first buying this album only because of the album art. It was crazy to say the least. I had never heard of the band at the time, and quite frankly didn’t know what the hell to expect. I recall listening to the album a few times that day, and I’m pretty sure my reaction could be summarized as, “What the fuck!?”

I don’t remember putting the CD in the player too often in the few years after that intial listening. I’m glad I recently dug it back out earlier this year. This album is fantastic. Plenty of drug induced lyrics, samples galore (one of the few albums that I like that is inundated with them), and noise. Buzzov-en, on this recording, play a combination of grungy, noisey, sludging punk that explodes into a quick paced grind at intervals throughout the album.

If you like your music full of violent samples, noise, and delusional vocal delivery that has an older sound (it was produced in 1994), then see if you can find yourself a copy of this album.

Favorite Tracks:
I Don’t Like You

Additional Notes: