Between the Buried and Me, The Anatomy Of...

Just like I am a sucker of the live album, cover albums and/or tributes always seem to weasel their way into my collection with ease. It’s always interesting to learn who has influenced and molded the sound of a band like Between the Buried and Me. Known for their innovative sound and intensity, the group lists as their influences bands that you would expect for this genre of music — Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura. But they have also named the likes of Depeche Mode and Blind Melon as a few of the bands that have had a positive affect on their music and themselves.

For more insight into the affect this short list of songs has had on the band members, make sure to check out the liner notes. Each guy in the band tells a little something about themselves and the track they are covering.

Blackened (Metallica)
I almost prefer BTBAM’s version of this Metallica classic more than the original itself. This is definitely what I expected when I picked this one up.

Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
Well, you have to admire the band for sticking as closely to the original sound as possible. BTBAM didn’t really put their own spin on this one, remaining as true to the originator’s sound as possible. It’s an alright cover.

The Day I Tried To Live (Soundgarden)
Here’s a pretty good cover of a song I really dig. There is no matching Chris Cornell’s screams and range, but Tommy Rogers spins it enough to make it believable — issuing guttural growls instead of Cornell’s higher pitched wails.

Bicycle Race (Queen)
I hope that I never hear this song again.

Three of A Perfect Pair (King Crimson)
I had never heard this one before, but it’s sort of catchy. I don’t think that I will go out of my way to listen to it, but if I forget about it after skipping the Queen cover and happen to catch it all the way through, so be it.

Us and Them (Pink Floyd)
After listening to this one, I can definitely hear this band’s influence in a few of BTBAM’s own songs. It’s a pretty decent rendition as well.

Geek U.S.A. (Smashing Pumpkins)
I’m not feeling this one. I’m not sure if it’s because I hate Smashing Pumpkins or if it’s this version of the song.

Forced March (Earth Crisis)
Being that the members of BTBAM are all straight edge and (I believe) vegetarian, it’s only right that they cover hardcore’s kings of straight edge, vegan militancy.

Territory (Sepultura)
As a huge fan of the true Sepultura (there is no band without the Cavalera brothers), I found this cover a bit weak. It’ll be next to impossible to please any fan of the Brazilian metallers, but BTBAM give it their best effort.

Change (Blind Melon)
From what I remember of the Shannon Hoon led band, this is a pretty decent cover.

Malpractice (Faith No More)
Off of the band’s Angel Dust release, Faith No More‘s “Malpractice” is covered pretty well on this one. It’s just as dark and gloomy as the original, but without Patton’s vocals.

Little 15 (Depeche Mode)
I was never a Depeche Mode fan, so I don’t believe that I will be hearing this track again any time soon.

Cemetary Gates (Pantera)
While pleasing a Sepultura fan is nearly impossible, making any die-hard Pantera fan happy with a cover of “Cemetary Gates” is like playing Russian roulette with only one empty chamber. It’s just not easy to survive. Musically it’s a good cover, but the vocals are horrible.

Colorblind (Counting Crows)
Not really a bonus track in my opinion as Counting Crows is another band I can’t stand.

~ ~ ~

It’s never easy to cover another band’s music, let alone make an entire album out of it. Between the Buried and Me do an admirable job on covering bands from a wide variety of genres. Not everyone is going to like their choices, but there is enough here for someone to at least like a track or two.

Favorite Tracks:
The Day I Tried to Live

Additional Notes: