October 3, 2005 | | 4

Between the Buried and Me, Alaska

Wow… as usual, Between the Buried and Me bring more variety to just one song than most bands bring in an entire album. I have to admit Alaska is a much better album than The Silent Circus.

I definitely enjoyed several tracks on there previous release, but there was something about that album that I could never quite agree with. I’ve listened to is a hundred times if I’ve listened to it once, and each time I come away feeling the same. With Alaska however, I don’t sense the same oddness that I did with The Silent Circus. The latest release from the band is quite eclectic in sound. The overall feel of the disc is vintage BTBAM – heavy, grinding, and doomy.

It’s the small touches in each track that really make this album. From the more prevalent use of electronica found in their releases to what I’m pretty sure was a good ole blue grass washboard. My ears may have been deceiving me since the song it’s included on is later in the album (my ears were ringing about half way through the disc).

Either way, this is definitely a must have disc for 2005.

Favorite Tracks:
Pretty much the entire album

Additional Notes:
Enhanced CD/DVD