July 27, 2012 | , | 3.5

Bestial Holocaust, Into the Goat Vulva

Bestial Holocaust: Into the Goat Vulva

Man, Bolivia’s Bestial Holocaust certainly know how to deliver some blackened death metal, don’t they? The band’s third full-length, Into the Goat Vulva is as raw and as violent as you can get without actually showing up at the front door of anyone who’s bought your album and giving them a budget tracheotomy.

Sounding like it was recorded back in the early nineties in my parents’ over-stuffed garage, the eight tracks of anti-everything on this album are dirty, gritty and down-right evil as fuck. Lead growler, Sonia Sepulcral, shreds her vocal tissue with vicious growls, guttural belches and screams that are straight from the depth of the blackest chasms of Hades. Musically, this is bludgeoning, unrelenting death metal with a cold, black metal edge — a trait that separates the band from their countrymen. Only problem is that it can get a bit monotonous at times as there’s not too much variation between tracks. This isn’t a huge issue, just something that may affect future listens.

“Dio Despiadado” starts off the album with barbaric drums, Sonia’s distant barks and growls and swirling, blackened riffs. The track is unrelenting from start to finish and pretty much outlines what you can expect from the rest of Into The Goat Vulva. “Eternal Posesion” has a slick bit of thrash to it’s guitars as the band forces their way through the four and a half minute song. “Virgin Lust’ has a more open atmosphere with catchy guitars at the beginning before Bestial Holocaust once again dive head first into the blackened death metal wood chipper of doom. Having Sonia spit out her vehemence in her native tongue only makes these songs seem that much more evil.

I’m not sure if all of these tracks were recorded in the same session, or the same garage for that matter, as “Demonios Devoradores” sounds as though they’re playing in a garage that’s inside another garage. Sure the song is aggressive as hell and sounds like Sonia’s growling Satanic tongues, but man is it muddied. The catchy guitars and utter destructive nature of “Eterna Transmigracion” make it one of the more memorable songs as it leads into album closer “Sacrificio,” which closes the circle on this album succinctly with more thrashing drums and driving, discordant riffage.

Into the Goat Vulva is a pretty solid, if repetitive, album whose over-the-top aggressiveness is just too infectious for me to ignore. Bestial Holocaust’s blackened death metal style isn’t new under the sun, but their ferocity and energetic delivery are enough for me to throw this album into the stereo from time to time.