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Antropomorphia, Rites of Perversion

Antropomorphia: Rites of Perversion

Having originally formed in the early 90’s heyday of death metal, the Netherlands’ Antropomorphia subsequently released a single album, Pure, before disbanding in 1998 and then re-uniting just a few years ago. This seems to be a recurring phenomenon with older bands lately, but can Rites of Perversion make an impact this late in the group’s career?

I’d have to say that, yes, it pretty much does. Antropomorphia can certainly write some burly and catchy tunes. Album opener, “Temphioth Workings” is testament to that. It’s a galloping track with plenty of double bass drum, driving riffs and a solid head banging groove as the group declare their allegiance to Satan. It’s not a song (or album, really) that will revolutionize death metal, but I’ll be damned if it’s not one heck of a release.

“Carved to Pieces” has some seriously memorable guitar work throughout as the dense song bulldozes its way through your speakers. Solid musicianship and driving groove dominate the remainder of the album, carrying you swiftly to its violent conclusion. Atmosphere leads the way for “Inanimatus Absqui Anima,” a song that slowly builds to a mid-pace tempo and ultimately gives the subject matter a decidedly dark and macabre soundtrack. Throughout Rites of Perversion we’re greeted with incredible guitar work (the start of “Crowned in Smoldering Ash”), a doomy influence (“Gospel ov Perversion”) and flat-out, unrelenting destruction (“Morbid Rites”).

Combine the drum work and rolling bass lines of “Tevfelskvnst” with a pretty capable cover of Death’s “Open Casket” and you’ve got one hell of an album-closing one-two punch. Antropomorphia may have been stagnate for a dozen or so years, but they’ve certainly hit their stride with this monster of an album. If Rites of Perversion is any indication of things to come, I look forward to many more albums from these guys.