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All Out War, Assassins In The House Of God

I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time. After listening to the band’s 2003 release Condemned to Suffer ad naseum, I’ve been itching for some new ALL OUT WAR material, but nothing would suffice. Even the band members’ offshoot projects (Nerve Gas Tragedy) couldn’t satiate my need for their brand of thrash fueled hardcore. Thankfully, the band’s latest and fourth studio album does not disappoint.

In fact, I’d say that this is the band’s strongest release to date. It’s heavier, faster, more focused and better produced than their earlier work.

Assassins In The House Of God is an honest and logical evolution from their last release. It’s by no means a departure from the onslaught of metal from Condemned to Suffer — it’s merely a step up in its brutal attack and politically charged rhetoric. The band seems more determined than ever to get their point across. I’m pretty sure something about the last four years has really pissed off vocalist Mike Score as his ferocious delivery is full of scathing commentary on the current political regime and organized religion.

Curtain Call For The Crucified
The album starts out with a somewhat lengthy reading of a passage that I did not recognize. A quick look online revealed the reading to be from John Donne’s “Death Be Not Proud.” It’s sure to be as classic an album opener as you can get. After the quote, the band gets down to business with a beefy, thrashing riff and quick drumming. Score’s delivery sounds refreshed and angrier than ever.

Behind The Crescent And The Cross
The second track continues the pace with some insane drumming and riffing. It’s a good deal quicker than the opening track and just plain, unadulterated raw metal. There are a few reminiscent hardcore bits here and there, but ALL OUT WAR is definitely all in-your-face thrash now. I love the first brief solo on this one.

Politics Of Apathy
Man, the band is just flying through tracks. “Behind The Crescent And The Cross” is over just as quickly as it started. “Politics of Apathy” is a slower track with a bit more groove to it. The band has the great ability to go full boar at break neck speeds just as easily as they can slow it down with some large riffs and mosh. Listen around the 2 minute mark for a few crushing riffs. Score shifts up his delivery a bit toward the end. It’s full of passion.

Assassins In The House Of God
A quick clip starts off the title track, before being consumed by some great riffing. This one sounds like it could have been pulled right from Condemned to Suffer. I love the galloping riffs at the end.

In The Arms Of Annihilation
The fifth track starts off spastic and bit chaotic before settling into some crushing riffs as Score screams. There’s a couple of SLAYER inspired riffs that really go well with the hardcore influenced breakdowns.

Glorified In Deceit
This one begins at a much slower pace than the preceding tracks. It’s calculated and methodical before a bit of a breakdown kicks in with the vocals. The slower pace continues through the whole song, giving you a bit of a respite after the intense set by the first half of the disc.

Drenched In Defeat
Oh yeah! The band picks the pace back up immediately with “Drenched in Defeat.” The drums in this one seem to be a more powerful as well.

The Angels Of Genocide
Strong riffing and pounding drums get this next tracking moving right along. The pace on this one shifts smoothly from a quick assault to a premeditated bludgeoning.

Beyond Redemption
Slow plodding riffs accompanied by driving drums keep the pace moving along nicely before the band kicks it into high gear. If you don’t have a sprained neck by this point in the album, there’s something wrong with you. The band’s ferocious delivery is infectious.

When Your Gods Have Failed
You would think that this late in the album, the band would begin to slow things down a bit. You’d be sorely mistaken. “When Your Gods Have Failed” is just as intense as the opening tracks.

And All Shall Suffer
The final track on the album starts with a great groove, that’s a bit tempered in its initial delivery. The slower pace doesn’t last long though. It’s not the strongest track on the album, but has some of the catchier riffs sure to keep you moving till the end.

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ALL OUT WAR is one of those bands that have flown below the radar for too long. Whether that’s by choice or not is hard to discern, but there’s no denying their place in the forefront of the metal scene after this release. There have been a bunch of good releases this past year, but few with the intensity, focus, passion and drive of Assassins in the House of God.

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