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Abyss, Heretical Anatomy

Abyss: Heretical Anatomy

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Abyss have just (recently) unleashed their blistering debut full-length, Heretial Anatomy. And unlike the majority of new bands the past couple of years, these guys don’t simply pick one legendary bland to mimic — they take a myriad of influences and bludgeon them into an amalgam of crusty, buzzing death metal.

Entombed, Incantation and Repulsion all make appearances throughout the 20 minute or so run time of Heretical Anatomy. The recording is rough and raw, which only adds to the violence personified within these blasting eight songs. The title track kicks things off after a brief introductory sound clip. The song is just about as straight-forward death metal as you can get. It’s rabid, packed with aggression and driving, barbaric drum work. The riffage is dense and unrelenting as the vocals and spewed out as raspy growls and screams. It’s a combination that works very well for these guys.

“The Atonement” is a furious track with some of the most unhinged drum work on the album and leads that flay skin wrecklessly before it starts to echo Incantation late. “Chained to Extinction” starts off with rollicking drums and driving guitars before settling into a little Entombed-style death and roll riffage — before diving down the left hand path, that is. It’s my favorite track on the album due to it’s energy and balls-out performance.

“Flesh Cult”edges toward Repulsion and a bit of a grin influence as Abyss tear through its 52 second run time like there’s no tomorrow. Holy Hell this songs kills. “Prophecies of Churning Horror” has a hell of a lead in its blast furnace execution, “Atavistic Decay” is not quite as memorable, but still packs a punch while “Thrall of the Elder Gods” slows things down a bit with churning guitars and a steady beat. “Nightmares in Skin” spews forth a sick combination of Repulsion and Entombed.

Heretical Anatomy is not a revolutionary release. It’s not the best album of the year, but I’ll be damned if Abyss don’t combine all the right extreme metal trappings to cause this reviewer to drool profusely all over his damn laptop. I look forward to these guys finding their own voice as they develop. If this debut release is any indication, they’ve certainly got the energy and drive to deliver some seriously fucked death metal.