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The Fire The Flood, Truth Seekers

Having already established quite a regional following in their native North Carolina, The Fire The Flood’s No Sleep Records debut, Truth Seekers, should prove them worthy of a more global hardcore audience. Chaotic and heavy, the band’s music pulls inspiration from such hardcore innovators as Coalesce and Botch. On Truth Seekers, you’ll be hit with a heavy (albeit short) dose of caustic hardcore, that’s got a good bit of grind characteristics as well as throat shredding vocals.

While the band’s sound isn’t wholly unique, it is intelligently written and flawlessly performed. Throw in a high quality production job from Jamie King (Between the Buried and the Dead, He Is Legend) and you’ve got an album sure to stand out from the crowd.

…And It Grows Like Weeds
The first single available from the band starts off with a few gang shouts before exploding into a few monster riffs and powerful drumming. Luke Williams grating vocals is similar in tone to Coalesce’s Sean Ingram or Unsane’s Chris Spencer — a few good names to be associate with, if you ask me.

Turmoil at the Gates of Heaven
The previous song had long finished and transitioned seamlessly into “Turmoil at the Gates of Heaven” before I finished typing it’s segment. This second track is chaotic enough to definitely set a scene of turmoil at the pearly gates. I love the riff at the 1:20 mark and the chorus is pretty damned catchy.

The Wolf Inside of Me
The shortest track, coming in at 42 seconds, is quick paced and violent, slowing only briefly for a few seconds.

“Therapy” starts off with some interesting guitar work similar to something you may find on a Rage Against The Machine album. It’s a nice break from the heavy, abrasive riffs in the previous tracks.

The Harvester
“The Harvester” is a bit slower paced than the previous tracks. It’s got some nice doomy parts as well as a few creative drum portions.

Join The Rat Race
The opening shouts on this one remind me of another song that I just can’t quite put my finger on. I’m sure it’ll come to me at 2 in the morning tonight. At any rate, this one has got some heavy, moshing riffs and guitar highlights similar to something you’d find on an older Norma Jean album.

A Downfall of Western Culture
“Join The Rat Race” is over before you know what hit you and the band is already moving full bore through “A Downfall of Western Culture.” This one has a beefier sound to it and some nice, heavy rocking riffs.

The Trees Eat Themselves
Again, the opening to “The Trees Eat Themselves” reminds me of a song I’ve heard before. I want to say that it’s reminiscent of some of the material found on Remembering Never’s Women and Children Die First. It’s got a more hardcore sound to it, and has a less chaotic sound overall.

There is some powerful drumming and interesting guitar work on “Combines.” For as short as many of these tracks are, the sure as hell pack a punch.

World’s End
More riotous riffs and drumming get the momentum plowing ahead with “World’s End.” There are some of the heaviest moments on the disc in this track.

“Jagare” is a pretty intense track. From the opening guitar work to the driving guitar work, this thing is a beast.

This one has more of that chaotic sound that we’re now used to from The Fire The Flood. It’s also got some more original guitar work and beefy mosh.

The Buzzard
Before the short blast of pounding drums and sludgy riffs finish, this is one hell of a track. It’s got an industrial grime slathered all over it. After the 2:10 mark, as the guitar fades out, the filler begins. There’s some muted drumming, perhaps a banjo or mandolin, and a bunch of noise for about 6 minutes. At about the 8:02 mark on the track, the band jumps back in with what sounds like a Nirvana cover, but it’s hard to tell as there is no mention of it in the credits.

~ ~ ~

This disc actually took a couple of listens to grow on me, but with each listen I’m finding new elements within the music that makes me want to keep it in the disc for a few more plays. The chaotic, acerbic, riff heavy hardcore found on Truth Seekers is plenty of reason enough to pick up this disc.

Favorite Tracks:
Turmoil at the Gates of Heaven
The Wolf Inside of Me
A Downfall of Western Culture
World’s End

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