October 7, 2005 | | 3

The Esoteric, With the Sureness of Sleepwalking

I can’t explain why I’ve never heard any of this band’s material before finally picking up their latest offering. I had known of them, but never took the time to listen to any of their music prior to With the Sureness of Sleepwalking. Standing in line to checkout, I was surprised that I had picked up the album without first hearing any of the tracks off of it. I’m quite glad that I did follow through with my instinct on this one.

The production on this album has a pretty dirty and crusty sound to it. And, honestly, I think it’s what makes this album so enjoyable to listen to. With members of some well known noise bands (Coalesce and Today is the Day), the band plays a style of music that is fairly reminiscent of the members’ past musical ventures. Thankfully, they are not just rehashing their past, instead playing music with more of a rock tinge to it. Don’t get me wrong, though. The music is still gritty and heavy with plenty of screaming.

There are a couple of instrumental tracks that don’t affect the overall listenability of the album. They are noisy, yet ambient enough to not distract from the rest of the tracks.

If you were a big Coalesce fan, or enjoy the noisier side of heavy music, this is definitely worth picking up.

Favorite Tracks:
Ram-Faced Boy
Your New Burden
Make Fine Dreams

Additional Notes: