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Rose Funeral, Crucify Kill Rot

If ALL SHALL PERISH continued along the same lines as Hate. Malice. Revenge instead of the direction they ultimately went with their sophomore release, then ROSE FUNERAL’s Crucify.Kill.Rot would be that album. Muscially the two albums are similar — odd time signatures, absolutely bone crushing breakdowns and plenty of thrashing death metal blasts. The vocal attack (dual vocals?) comprises of low end guttural grunts with higher end screams that mix well together.

With this debut release, ROSE FUNERAL bring everything in their arsenal to annihilate anything and anyone in their path. From the hardcore like repetitive mosh of the title track, to the gore filled lyrics, Crucify.Kill.Rot shows a great deal of potential from this Ohio band. Like many debuts, the album has a few shortfalls. While they are nothing that ruins the listening experience or makes this a bad release, there are a few things I’d like to personally see/hear differently. For starters the two instrumentals “Intereo Diu” and “Dawning the Resurrection” presented back-to-back in the middle of the disc really kill any momentum the band had created with the first half of songs. Along with the misplacement of those tracks, the drums sometimes come across as if they were generated electronically, giving the feeling that they don’t quite fit 100%.

Aside from a few items noted, Crucify.Kill.Rot is an excellent debut effort that definitely whets your appetite for more from ROSE FUNERAL.

Crucify Kill Rot
The title track is more an intro than anything else. With a bit of ambient noise to start it off, the band shifts to a hardcore mosh and repetitive delivery of the album title to get you amped for what’s to come.

God’s Hideous Creation
After the head banging fun of “Crucify.Kill.Rot” we’re greeted with 3 and a half minutes of devastating start top riffs and drumming much like ANIMOSITY, but less chaotic. The combination of the vocal trade offs on this track create a nice layered dynamic.

Sledge Hammer Face-Lift
I’ve got to tell you, I love the title of this song. You know going into it exactly what you are getting. CANNIBAL CORPSE and AUTOPSY lyrics in conjunction with death metal blasts and hardcore breakdowns — which are galloping monstrosities.

The Well
An eerie riff starts off “The Well” along with deep guttural vocals before the thrash kicks in. There’s a good slow-paced solo that fades before the chorus of “Raise the dead. Feast on the living.”

Intereo Diu
The first of the two instrumentals. These would have been better suited toward the end of the album or at least spaced out among the other tracks. Presented as a one-two punch they really work against the rest of the album.

Dawning The Resurrection
Unlike “Intereo Diu”, this instrumental actually attempts to re-ignite what momentum that the previous track killed. It builds to a bit of a climax before “State of Decay” starts.

State Of Decay
“State of Decay” starts of strong and continues well with a nice solo and death march, plodding breakdowns. The start/stop riffage at beginning at the 2:40 mark on the song is real nice.

Under A Godless Sky
A good bit of BLACK DAHLIA MURDER influenced riffing gets this one going. It’s got a nice thrash base to it as well and the vocals are screamed over top. I really love the guitar highlights within the middle of the breakdowns on this song. It’s an inventive piece of work.

External Regret
This one is a bit slower paced that a few of the previous songs. It’s a nice change up, complete with a little black metal influence to it.

Buried Amongst Flames
The final track on the album does little to slow the pace. It’s just as violent and abrasive as the rest of the album with galloping drums and deep guttural vocals.

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If you like your death metal mixed with hardcore and thrash elements, and you’re a fan of AT THE GATES, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL SHALL PERISH, and the like, the you are gonna dig this debut release from ROSE FUNERAL. The album is chock full of havoc inducing riffs and odd time signature drumming that makes for a pretty enjoyable listening experience. Like I said, it’s got a few minor pitfalls (like most debuts), but this album is just tapping the potential for this Ohio group.

Favorite Tracks:
Sledge Hammer Face-Lift
The Well
State of Decay
Buried Amongst Flames

Additional Notes: