October 24, 2005 | | 2

Premonitions of War, Glorified Dirt/The True Face of Panic

For fans of the band that were expecting a full album on the latest release, you may be a little disappointed. This album is essentially a re-recording ot the 6-song EP Glorified Dirt with The True Face of Panic EP tacked on to the end of it. While only half the material is “new,” it’s still nice to have the older out of print release if you didn’t have the opportunity to purchase it the first time around.

It seems as though the band wanted to re-record some of their older material with the new line-up. I am a big fan of their last release, Left in Kowloon, and purchased this album with the mindset that it was all new material. It’s a bit disappointing that it’s not, but as stated before, it’s nice to have material that is no longer available. Based on the music from this release, it’s interesting to hear how the band has changed over time.

If you are a fan of Premonitions of War and don’t have either of these two releases, then definitely get them. If you already own them, I don’t think the re-recorded material is enough to spend your hard earned bucks on.

Favorite Tracks:
Glorified Dirt

Additional Notes: