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Pig Destroyer, Phantom Limb

2004’s Terrifier was considered by many to be PIG DESTROYERS grandest release to date. Some critics lauded it as the band’s peak, unsure as to whether they would be able to duplicate the success again. Well, it’s been 3 years and I can safely safe that the boys from Virginia are at least on par with their previous release.

Phantom Limb sees the band writing longer, more structured songs. While it’s probably the most accessible record the band has released, it’s far from the mainstream, so long time fans of the band need not worry about these grind veterans selling out for the almighty dollar. At 15 songs in 38 minutes, the listener will still be treated to many one-minute chaotic attacks. The album doesn’t sound quite as violent as Terrifyer, but it’s more organized song structure makes it that much better of an overall listen.

Rotten Yellow
The opening tracks leaves little doubt in the listener’s mind that even though the album is more structured and more accessible, this is still a PIG DESTROYER album — and grindcore is what they do.

Jupiter’s Eye
The band continues their brand of grindcore with “Jupiter’s Eye,” an abrassive attack on the senses if ever there was one.

“Deathtripper” is the first track on the album where we begin to see a bit more structure and outside influence. Sure, it’s still just over a minute long, but it’s also varied with alternating, slower breakdown like sections.

Thought Crime Spree
I like the NAPALM DEATH like riff running through this track. The drum work is nicely timed and varied as well.

Cemetery Road
The shortest track on the album is also one of the more chaotic with good stop/go attacks and tortured delivery from J.R. Hayes.

Lesser Animal
“Lesser Animal” continues where the previous tracks left off — pummeling your skull with a jackhammer. The sound byte is a bit of a momentum killer, but not completely out of place.

Phantom Limb
The title track, while still an aural attack, is a bit more varied in its delivery. The stricly timed riffing and drums work well, as does the smaller breakdown section in the middle of the track.

The opening riff to this track is catchy as hell! This is one of the less grind oriented songs, but has a great flow and groove to it that you’ll easily find your head banging along with it in no time.

Heathen Temple
After a bit of reverb to get the right feel, the band explodes through the speakers. There are a few more breakdowns in this one, giving it an oddly timed feel that works well.

4th Degree Burns
After the longer last two tracks, “4th Degree Burns” is another shortened grind attack with a great SLAYER influenced riff dominating the middle of the track. I love it.

This one’s got a bit more thrash to it. It’s a nice change up from the previous tracks.

Girl in the Slayer Jacket
Lightening quick drumming is showcased well on this one. It’s got a bit more electronic elements to it, as well.

Waist Deep in Ash
The slower beginning to this one helps break up the pace a bit, before a driving delivery hits. This is probably the slowest of the tracks, with a more cleanly played, thrash influence with brief eruptions of grind.

The Machete Twins
I love the opening riff on this one. It’s catchy as fuck. There’s plenty of chaotic timing, grind blasts, and huge riffs to keep you entertained on this one.

The final “track” on the disc is essentially filler — ambient noises, cricket chirps, and muted radio clips.

~ ~ ~

Even with more accessible sounds incorporated into their work on this latest release, PIG DESTROYER have certainly not left their grindcore history behind. There are some nicely timed technical portions, mosh-like breakdowns and vocal distortions incorporated into the band’s trademark corrisive aural attack. I’m having trouble getting this one out of my disc player to listen to other stuff. It’s going to be tough to beat as the best grind release this year.

Favorite Tracks:
All of them.