January 15, 2009 | | 3.5

Infinite Defilement, Demo 2008

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Infinite Defilement is a one man, brutal death metal machine. The unholy spawn of Jacob Smith, the slamming riffs and animalistic drum programming that’s found on this promo are a sure sign that he means business.

Throughout the 17 minute disc, you’ll find slamming breakdowns, chugging riffs, jack hammer drumming and your standard brutal death guttural vocal delivery (it does vary in tone here and there). Overall the package is pretty damned solid. The production is fairly high for a one man outfit and that only helps Infinite Defilement deliver his insidious message with that much more power and credibility.

Methodical Degradation
The opening track starts out with a brief sound clip for the first 30 seconds before a big growl and chugging riffs open up a fissure in the earth. The drum programming is straightforward but powerful. There’s an extended, riff heavy breakdown around 3:50 that leads into a huge growl and some decent drum work.

Crushing the Heretic
Another sound clip starts off “Crushing the Heretic” — the increasingly overused byte from Network‘s Howard Beal. It’s quickly overcome by some sweet tremolo riffing as a huge initial growl gets things under way. The drumming is spot on as the vocals grunt and gurgle there way through the track. There’s some decent breakdown work about mid way through that helps break up the chugging pace that Jacob sets with his programming and riffing.

Innocence Condemned
“Innocence Condemned” starts off with what sounds like children singing in the background while tissue is torn and ripped over it. I love the guitar work that comes in around the 30 second mark along some a nice groove. The drumming is unrelenting and beefy. There are several tempo shifts to keep you on your toes as well, but for the most part this is straight to your face brutal death metal.

Monster of Society
The final track on the demo starts off slowly as a quiet sound clip fades in. Pile driving drums come in just after the 30 second mark as the guttural vocals also come in. This is a strong track to end on and showcases all of Jacob’s skills in balance with one another.

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I receive a bunch of one-man metal outfits (more so in the last year than ever before), but few have been able to match the feel of a full band. Jacob Smith’ Infinite Defilement is about as close to that sound as you can get. A great production certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re laying down solid brutal death metal like cadavers on examination tables.

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All of them

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