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Diskreet, Infernal Rise

DISKREET is billed as a technical death metal act. Sure there are some instances of DESPISED ICON start and stop brutality, but these guys from Kansas hit with the precision of a sledgehammer. The band’s sound is raw, unfiltered and destructive. But is it technical? I suppose in the overall sense of the album it is, but there are more elements of unadulterated grindcore and crushing hardcore fueled breakdowns that make this release less technical and more another beast all together.

Perhaps with time, the band will hone their technical timing and clean up the delivery, but why. I love the sound as it is — disharmonic, chaotic and dirty.

Infernal Throne
The EP starts off the title track with a few seconds of intro noise before getting down to a nasty blast from the drums. These guys remind me a bit of ANIMOSITY in their chaotic bursts or energy. There’s a lot to take in on the opening track and before you catch it all the song ends abruptly before “Infinate Hold” gets started.

Infinite Hold
Plodding and sludgey is the start to this one. Deep guttural growls and large beefy riffs get us in the mood for breaking shit. This track is as abrasive and as evil as you can get. The drummer (Andy Taylor, I believe) is a machine, cranking out blasts that sound inhumanly quick.

Bigger Complex
A short media clip introduces us to “Bigger Complex” before a higher pitched vocal attack hits. It sounds as though there are dual vocalists on this one, but according to the little bit of information available on these guys, it’s one dude, Stephen Babcock. His range is pretty impressive. Another clip ends the track quickly.

“Entrails” is a great track. The band wastes no time getting it going. Listening closer to the band at this point reveals a few background screams as well, so Babcock is getting a little bit of accompanyment with his vocals. It’s a nice dynamic between the too deliveries.

A few, quick blasts from the drums keep the momentum up. This one has some nice guitar highlights through out that help brighten up the breakdown heavy track. “Faust” becomes a din of noise at a few points in its duration adding a new element to the band’s sound. DISKREET even slows it down briefly (a second or two) to let you catch your breathe before lighting you up a again. About three quarters of the way through is a great, flowing bit of mosh. Lots of movie clips and sound effects end this one.

The Nightmare (bonus)
I’m not sure what constitutes a bonus on an EP, but that’s how this and the following track are labeled. I’m not sure if this is a cover, but it sure as hell sounds familiar. It definitely has a bit of black metal and metal core elements in it. Again Taylor is a bright spot on this track with some insane skills on the drums.

Promising Demise (bonus)
A higher pitched shriek starts off the final track. This one has a few more metalcore influences as well. It’s slower pace really sets an interesting mood to end out the EP.

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With DISKREET you’ve got your grindcore blasts, your bruising hardcore breakdowns, and a few sound clips for good measure. While it’s not overly innovative, the band is intense and that makes for an enjoyable listen if you ask me. Their delivery is nothing short of caustic and will leave you wanting more. I’ll be keeping my eye out for their first full length.

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