August 21, 2005 | | 3

Darkest Hour, Undoing Ruin

I’m going to come right out and say it. I was disappointed with this release from Darkest Hour. I loved So Sedated So Secure and have probably overplayed Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation one too many times, but just couldn’t get into their latest release.

After listening to the album all the way through on several occasions, I kept finding myself thinking that it would make a great CD to travel long distance with. I say this not because I really enjoyed it, but because it seemed to hide in the background like a soundtrack in a movie. Technically and musically, the band is still at the top of their game, but there is just nothing outstanding in this album that really calls out to the listener.

It’s been a long night, waiting to sleep the day away

Even with the high pace of drummer Ryan Parrish, and the frenetic pace of both guitarists I find that all 11 tracks meld into one another and just keep the pace while I drive around. To compare this to Sadist Nation, the entire latest release reminds me of the lengthy instrumental track that ended out that album.

I enjoyed that instrumental, but it certainly wouldn’t be enough to keep me thrilled throughout an entire CDs worth of material. I would like to have heard a couple of tracks with the same groove and uniqueness as “Oklahoma� from Sadist Nation.

At any rate, it’s a decent album, but don’t expect to find anything truly outstanding with this release.

Favorite Tracks:
This Will Outlive Us