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Blasphemy Rites, Hideous Lord

Blasphemy Rites: Hideous Lord

Hailing form the cold, dark nether regions of Poland, Blasphemy Rites erupt out of now where with their hellishly raw debut album. Hideous Lord bucks any new trends and tears through an angel’s ass (see “Sodomize Holy Angel”) with unrelenting, reckless abandon. The black/death metal these guys are spitting is venomous, violent and, for lack of a better word, blasphemous.

Blasphemy Rites invert your favorite deity for 32 minutes of utter and complete hell (12 original songs and 3 covers). Thrashing guitars are raw with just the right amount of distortion and the thundering and often times chaotic drumming pummels you senseless. And if you’re going to spew forth lyrics praising Satan and raping angelic beings then you better have one hell of a vocalist. And these guys do. The evil screams and growls that slither out of this disc fit the music perfectly.

So put down your Bible and kiss your ass good bye — Hideous Lord is here.

Bestial Necromancy Sex
It’s always good to let new listeners know exactly what you’re all about with your first song… but, uh, this might not be the best song subject matter-wise to start off with. At any rate, “Bestial Necromancy Sex” is a blasting song that takes almost a minute to get going, but when it does, it’s guttural and violent as hell. Clashing drums, rumbling bass and caustic riffs dominate the rest of the song. Not a bad album opener.

This 19 second eruption of peace, love and understanding (yeah, right) has more in common with grind-core than black metal. I’ve played it several times in a row now and it never gets old. Hell yes!

Hideous Lord
The title track is chock full of rumbling bass, distortion and chaotic, blasting drum work. The production for this disc fits the evil music perfectly — it’s raw, a bit messy and downright sadistic. The deep guttural growls to higher end shrieks help keep the vocals from becoming stagnate amidst the whirlwind of riffs and crashing symbols. There’s almost a bit of a punk aesthetic to this song’s overall vibe.

Beergoat of Sodomy
What’s a beergoat and can I get one with stout instead of sodomy? “Beergoat of Sodomy” has a good deal of ambient noise over the first 30 seconds or so before the guys come in with dense, galloping rhythms. The pace is quickly ramped up to a blistering cadence as the tortured vocals come. This song feels like it’s constantly on the verge of losing whatever little control it may have over itself — teetering on sheer chaos.

Don’t Need Your Guts
More chaotic, pounding drums greet you at the onset of this next track as a brief, yet sick lead screams amongst the dense rumblings. I’m not sure that these guys can get any more aggressive with their delivery, but I’ll be damned if they haven’t ratcheted up the vehemence on this song. It’s just too bad that after a minute the track is gone.

Alcoholic Sabbath
“Alcoholic Sabbath” has a nice bit of drum work and rumbling bass to get it going before the vocals come shrieking in. Snarling and vicious, this track will leave you grinning maniacally for more. Man, that was a dark and dirty song.

Damned Bastard of Hell
Here’s another of those oh-too-short blasts of frenzied fury. “Damned Bastard of Hell” has a bit of a groove too it as the guys thrash their way through your skull with driving riffs, rollicking drums and thick, rumbling bass. This is the shit that gets me stoked on an album.

Apocalyptic War
Featuring a pretty standard black metal title, “Apocalyptic War” starts off slowly with some ambience and sound effects before finally exploding in your ears with crushing blasts of drumming menace as the snearing vocals spit vitriol. The guitars swirl and dive all over the place, adding more than enough dynamic layers to an already dense sounding song. The slow down before the two minute mark is a nice change of pace.

Sadistic Blacking Metal
Tortured wails and big rumbling bass open up this next track as a belching scream gets the rest of the guys into it with thick, chugging guitars and bludgeoning drums. This one isn’t as straightforward as the other tracks have been. There are some nice tempo shifts peppering it’s brief two minute span.

Drink The Poisoned Piss of Baphomet
This sounds like some sort of vile cocktail that’s served regularly at all the watering holes in Hell. Yeah, get me a Miller Lite and a couple of shots of Poisoned Piss of Baphomet. No thanks. As for the music on this track, it’s unholy as all get out. Pounding drums and slithering leads show up here and there amongst the chugging blackened thrash.

Sodomize Holy Angel
Man, this is as aggressive and as caustic a song as you can find anywhere this side of an inverted cross. It’s blasphemous, raw and without a doubt, a full on “fuck you” to all religions across the globe. The drums on this short track are blasting and, at times, a bit messy, but that’s what makes it so damned good. It’s all over the fucking place.

Atomic Discharge
I suppose atomic discharge is what happens at the climax of a good angel raping, but I could be wrong. At any rate, this one minute (and then some) track is actually 45 minutes of blistering blacked thrash and then plenty of static and reverb to end out the remaining moments. Next up, the cover songs.

Empty Chalice (Blasphemy cover)
I’m not entirely familiar with the orginal song, but Blasphemy Rites seem to be playing this mid-tempo chugging monster pretty well. It’s a bit slower than their original material, but still fits in nicely.

Satan Bless You (Sabbat cover)
Again, not another track I’m wholly familiar with, but I love the galloping cadence the song carries. Pretty damned good.

Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)
Now, this one I do know. It’s been a good while since I last heard it, but it appears as though the guys are handling it well enough. It’s much slower a song than they have played so far on this impressive debut. It just goes to show that the band is capable of playing all sorts of malevolent styles.

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