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Ambassador Gun, Golden Eagle

Ambassador Gun: Golden Eagle

Much like Ambassador Gun’s debut release, When In Hell, the band’s follow up sophomore effort is a violent blend of death metal, grind-core, crust, sludge and more. The eleven tracks on this disc blister through in just over 30 minutes, leaving you twisted, contorted and hungry for more.

Golden Eagle wastes no time getting to the meat of the matter, even if that’s with the blunt side of a rusted hammer. “Wounded Knee” explodes with churning, gritty riffs and primal drum work as the dual vocal attack bombards you with vitriolic hate. Now, this is the way you (re)introduce yourselves — the song is violently dense and sets a clear tone for the remaining ten tracks. “Christbastard” is more traditional in a grind-core sense as the fuzzed out guitars never let up over the barbaric rhythm. The song ends abruptly, leaving you only a single breathe to get ready for the buzzsaw blast of “Slowbled” which isn’t slow by any means (until you arrive at the sludgy conclusion), but more than likely will bleed you dry after you’ve snapped your own skull from your shoulders trying to keep up with the band.

Ambassador Gun keep the buzzing mayhem flowing with the unrelenting “Warpainted,” the groove-fueled, catchy “Sunshine Acid,” the monstrously chugging “Crack Ikon,” and the frenetic blast of the aptly titled “Chris Brown.” But wait, there’s more! “Unleashed” is more buzzing malevolence as the churning riffs smother with layered textures and the rhythm section do their damnedest Gregory Hines impression on your skull. “No Suffering” is more punk-infused, crusty grind as the guys attempt to end your suffering with a rabid vocal delivery, thundering drums and discordant guitars — it’s a stellar track to end an awesome album with.

Golden Eagle is a continued evolution of a band that certainly brought some attention to themselves back in 2009 with their initial public offering. This time around, the core structure is similar, but more solidly written and delivered with just as much (if not more) vehemence. There’s no sophomore slump here motherfucker’s. Ambassador Gun have themselves one hell of an album in Golden Eagle.