August 21, 2005 | | 4

All Shall Perish, Hate. Malice. Revenge

I had heard decent things about All Shall Perish in the past. Enough so, that I was compelled to make a trip to the local store to purchase Hate. Malice. Revenge. Upon picking it up from the shelf, it was hard to miss the big sticker on the front: “For fans of Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse.�

That’s quite an interesting combination that, with a broad stroke, covers a wide variety of bands and musical genres. I do love me some “Hammer Smashed Face,” and can definitely get down with Hatebreed, but I’m not sure the two would combine so well.

Give me a reason not to smash your face in

I was pleased to find a decent straight up death metal structure with some hardcore breakdowns thrown in for good measure. I wouldn’t say that any of the tracks sounded like either of the bands with which it was compared, but it definitely holds it own in terms of ferocity and punishment. The vocals aren’t quite as gutteral as early Corpse with Chris Barnes, but Craig Betit definitely has more range.

You would think that with the Corpse comparison the lyrical content would be in the same vain. Yes there are references to death and destruction, but the subject matter is much more mature than that. Commentary on the media, society as a whole, and betrayal await the listener with dark riffs and pounding

Nothing but pure head banging fun here.

Favorite tracks:
Laid to Rest
The Spreading Disease
Never Ending War

Additional Notes:
Enhanced CD with video for “Deconstruction�