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Death Metal

Vermin Womb: Permanence
4 out of 5 skulls

Vermin Womb

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire are no more—just a burnt, charred remnant—but like the mythical phoenix, a couple members of the band […]

Entrails: Resurrected from the Grave
4 out of 5 skulls

Resurrected from the Grave

Having missed out on Entrails earlier works, this latest reissue through Metal Blade Records is a treat. Resurrected from the Grave combines two early demos […]

Goatwhore: Constricting Rage of the Merciless
4 out of 5 skulls

Constricting Rage of the Merciless

It’s always a struggle to corral the mighty Goatwhore into a single musical genre. The band has always done their own thing, despite what critics […]

Mortals: Cursed to See The Future
3.75 out of 5 skulls

Cursed to See The Future

Brooklyn’s Mortals are a band that I’m not wholly familiar with, but if Cursed to See the Future is any indication, I’m going to have […]

Nunslaughter: Angelic Dread
4 out of 5 skulls

Angelic Dread

It’s been seven long years since Nunslaughter released their last full-length, Hex unto the world. Was the most prolific band on hiatus? Where they too […]

Incantation: Dirges of Elysium
4 out of 5 skulls

Dirges of Elysium

Incantation have always been strong purveyors of a murky sound. For the most part, the band’s discography is mired in muddy overtures. That all seemed […]

Autopsy: Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
4 out of 5 skulls

Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves

Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves is the latest, grisly slab of death metal mayhem from the legendary Autopsy. Ever since the band’s return with the stellar […]

Nunslaughter / Acid Witch – Spooky
3.5 out of 5 skulls

Nunslaughter / Acid Witch
Spooky split

Not only are Nunslaughter and Acid Witch unlike one another musically, they are also near opposites in terms of their release production. While the former […]

Behemoth: The Satanist
4.5 out of 5 skulls

The Satanist

It’s been five long years since Behemoth released Evangelion. In that time, lead growler Nergal was diagnosed with cancer. Not only did he beat the […]

Ribspreader: Meathymns
4.25 out of 5 skulls


Rogga Johansson is an unstoppable death metal machine. The Ribspreader mastermind churns out albums and bands like his life depended on it. In the last […]