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Posted on August 6, 2014

Entombed A.D. “Pandemic Rage”

Any new material from any of the Entombed guys has to be good right? Well, here we have L.G. Petrov’s version of the legendary moniker […]

Posted on July 31, 2014

Iron Reagan “Eyeball Gore”

Iron Reagan tear through a minute’s worth of some of the more memorable and ghastly eyeball punctures, removals and self-examinations (?) with their appropriately titled […]

Posted on July 17, 2014

Goatwhore “Baring Teeth for Revolt”

New Goatwhore! What more to you want?! Watch. Now!

Posted on January 18, 2014

Amon Amarth “Father of the Wolf”

So some music videos are somewhat long, some short and some, like Amon Amarth’s latest for “Father of the Wolf,” play more like a mini-movie. […]

Posted on December 13, 2013

Red Fang “Blood Like Cream”

Red Fang never fail to deliver a great video. Their latest for the track “Blood Like Cream” not only kicks ass, but also depicts one […]

Posted on December 6, 2013

Watain “Outlaw”

Watain have just released their first official music video for the track “Outlaw.” For a first effort, it’s pretty damn good and only amplifies the […]

Posted on December 4, 2013

Deicide “End the Wrath of God”

Below is the video for Deicide’s “End the Wrath of God,” the first single off of the band’s latest full-length, In The Minds Of Evil. […]

Posted on December 4, 2013

Behemoth “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”

If there’s anything we know about Behemoth’s videos, it’s that they are usually grandiose and well produced. The band’s latest video for “Blow your Trumpets […]

Posted on October 30, 2013

Skeletonwitch “Serpents Unleashed”

Not getting enough Skeletonwitch in your daily diet? Then check out the band’s video for the single, “Serpents Unleashed,” off of their latest full-length Serpents […]

Posted on September 27, 2013

Iron Reagan “Cycle of Violence”

Good grief. That TV looks just like the one I had growing up. Man, I’m old. At least Iron Reagan are here with sweet video […]